Custom Film Budgets

Tailored from your actual script

Your Idea, Your Film

I do my best to ensure your creative vision as a filmmaker, helping to bring your vision to life by suggesting financial and logistical production options that will strengthen your creative opportunities and increase the potential to secure investment funds and get your film made.

The insight of a producer, not an algorithm

I will never rely on templates and algorithms to generate your budget or shooting schedule. I assess every script individually, treating each story as unique and providing each client a personalized result.

Experience detail

As a Line-Producer, Unit Production Manager, and 1st Assistant Director with over 25 years of production experience I am perfectly positioned to provide each of my clients with strategic clarity regarding the development, production, and post-production phases of their project. The creation of a quality budget and shooting schedule is the first step in communicating and therefore securing the highest production value for your film.

Our Mission

“Each script is an original creation, a singular and unique story, from the imagination and heart of an artist, what follows during all phases of production deserves nothing less than the most personal and considerate attention by other human beings.

No work produced by me on behalf of a client will ever be generated solely by software. Every year of experience I have earned is utilized on each and every choice I make to create the most honest, accurate and reflective budget & schedule possible.”


Here is a range of different services we offer

All scripts are unique, therefore all prices are negotiable 
(If you have a short film or a script requiring minimal production, I will likely be able to reduce my fees accordingly)


  • Script Read
  • Custom Layout
  • Ratioed – ATL/BTL
  • Phone Consultation
  • Quick Turnaround
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Tax Incentive
$ Call
  • Per comparison
  • Discount for comparative analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Film Commission outreach
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  • Script Read
  • Custom/Specific detail
  • Stripboard
  • Day out of days
  • Phone Consultations
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3 Panel

$ 350
  • Select scene
  • Per Three Panel
  • Treatment Quality
  • Video Consultation
  • Quick Turnaround
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Film Budget
  • Script Read
  • Custom detailed reports
  • Fringe Report
  • Top Sheet
  • Phone Consultations
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$ Call
  • Month to month contract
  • Per Project contract
  • Guild Project: DGA rates
  • Independent Project: Negotiable
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  • Reduced 15%
  • Script read
  • Script breakdown
  • Department reports
  • Unlimited Phone Consultations
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$ Call
  • Per hour/pro-rated
  • Per project
  • Retainer
  • Negotiable
  • Quick Response
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The Team

Who actually we are?

Keith Payson

Supervisory Producer, Line-Producer UPM/1st AD

Juliana Payson

PR manager

``Dreams cannot be realized unless you possess the desire and ability to describe them clearly to others.``

Keith Payson

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