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Film Budget & Schedule

film budget exampleThere are two types of working film budgets, preliminary and fully researched. Most preliminary budgets and their associated schedules can be completed within about two weeks. In most cases a preliminary rather than fully researched budget is all that is required in the first phase of selling your script. However, prior to funding your production distributors and financiers will require a fully researched budget. The cost and time to complete such a budget must be determined on a case by case basis.

Basic Film Budgeting

  • Script Breakdown (chronology, SFX, etc.)
  • Basic Assumptions Page
  • Basic Production Strategy
  • Complete Budget (Movie Magic) with numerous allowances and estimated figures
  • Film Production Scheduling

  • Script Breakdown (locations, chronology, SFX, etc.)
  • Basic Assumptions Page
  • Basic Production Strategy
  • Complete Shooting Board (Movie Magic) with all relevant departmental breakdowns
  • Shooting Script

  • Script Breakdown (locations, chronology, SFX, etc.)
  • DetailedAssumptions Page
  • Complex Production Strategy
  • Production Calendar
  • Production Cash Flow
  • Complete Budget (Movie Magic) with fully researched and exact figures
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    1. Faruq Masudi says:

      Dear Sir
      Could you kindly quote for a detailed budget for my planned Indi feature length film . I am an established film & TV Producer in India and would like to produce the movie in Hollywood. Kindly keep currency conversion rates in mind to make your quote affordable for us. I am sure you will have questions before you start. I am available via my email or alternatively my cell # ( + 91) 941 940 1146
      Thanking you

      Faruq Masudi
      Tel: ( + 91 ) 941 940 1146
      Hoo Productions

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