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Keith Payson

Supervisory Producer, Line-Producer UPM/1st AD

Keith Payson is a Line-Producer and UPM/1st AD. Keith has over twenty-five years of experience producing TV commercials, episodics and feature films. As our budget specialist, Keith is the focal point of Payson Associates.

He has the experience to develop detailed budgets based on the movie script, create realistic shooting schedule, and represents how to put together a successful business venture including production and distribution strategies, and potential return for your investors.



About Me

Keith first studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York on a full tuition scholarship from the Photographic Society of America. The funding though was only for one year so Keith returned to Los Angeles where he apprenticed himself to commercial photographer James B. Wood. After two years with Mr. Wood and having also worked for other world renowned shooters such as Reid Miles, Keith returned to school receiving a bachelor’s degree in photography from the Academy of Art San Francisco (now the University of Art, San Francisco).
Keith’s professional career began in Los Angeles as an editorial, fashion and advertising photographer. In an effort to keep the calendar fully booked he would moonlight as a production coordinator on TV commercials. A few years of juggling both enterprises left Keith a little weary and he determined it was time to settle into either one or the other. He chose producing, but continued photographing his fine art and accepting advertising and fashion projects as they came his way.
Soon after exclusively moving into production, Keith developed an arrangement with a major production company based both in Los Angeles and New York where he was groomed as a producer and assistant director. After many years producing major advertising spots for ad agencies all over the world Keith had the good fortune to meet actor/writer/comedian and director, Mr. Alan Arkin. Keith was privileged to be Alan’s producer for a number of years on many of his award winning campaigns.
Eventually leaving advertising to expand his abilities in the world of long form entertainment and feature films Keith held positions as Head of Production and Supervising Producer for many independent production companies. He has produced episodic programming for Columbia Tri-Star Television, special feature projects for Twentieth Century Fox Searchlight Pictures and over a dozen films for Paramount Home video. In 2002 Keith joined the ranks of many of the top professionals in film production by becoming a member of the Directors Guild of America as a Unit Production Manager/First Assistant Director.
Pursuing further academic studies Keith returned to university in 2003, earning dual degrees from the University of California Los Angeles, one in Philosophy (with an emphasis in Metaphysics and Political Philosophy) and the other in Socio-Anthropology (specializing in Gender Studies).
Keith currently resides with his wife, Juliana, in Beverly Hills, California. His consulting firm, Payson Associates, Inc. provides services in film budgeting, scheduling, script development and production strategy. As a diverse and multi-talented film producer he also designs and manages successful crowdfunding campaigns for his clients, thus adding fund-raising to his skills in physical production. On occasion Keith also accepts work as a post-production supervisor, but generally only on films he is also line-producing.
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